January 18, 2019

The Story Of Us, Part 5: An Interrupted Hug & A Plate of Spaghetti

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I panicked. I refused to look up. That, my friends, was a defining moment for us. At least for now in the story of us. 

Filled with anticipation, we stayed in that hug. He kept whispering my name. I could tell. I could tell that things would change if I looked up.

And then they did, but not in a way either of us expected.

You see, his roommate and our collective best friend, was suddenly next to us on the beach with his girlfriend. Obviously interrupting a somewhat awkward moment, I was brought back to reality. I realized that we were “caught” (just hugging of course) and the moment was over. A sigh of relief maybe?

So we headed back to campus to their apartment to continue birthday celebrations.

Their other roommate was there and I ended up cooking a spaghetti dinner for those that were still hungry. When it was time to make the long and treacherous walk (read: 3 minutes) back to my apartment building, Jake offered to walk me home. I’m not sure if I thought twice of it.

We walked and talked. We got back to my place. And I felt more relaxed, more me. Less worrying about public and cold. Less thinking through all the what ifs. I felt calm. In retrospect, I’m not sure if it was Jake or myself that had calmed me, but I was calm. And that led me to tell Jake he could hang out for a bit. We sat on the bed and talked.

About everything and anything. It was comfortable. It was flirty. But I didn’t care.

I was happy.

Happy? An emotion I had had a hard time understanding lately. I remember throwing up a short prayer to God mid-conversation in my head being like I’m happy! Is this because of life or because of Jake? Am I happy because of him? What does this mean? But then resumed the conversation.

And then, in the middle of his sentence (about something random we don’t remember), he kissed me. He went for it and I didn’t pull back. I didn’t question it. It felt normal. And not in the, oh this isn’t fireworks kind, but in the, this feels right and why have I been avoiding this? kind of normal. The beach didn’t matter. No one else did and no other moment did. This was a new normal, and I was pretty sure I’d be just fine with that.

And that’s how an interrupted hug and a plate of spaghetti changed my life.

Friday Fun: The Story of Us

Every so often on Fridays, I’ll be sharing a little of “The Story of Us” on this blog. Stay tuned for the next installment, in two Fridays! Hope you don’t mind hearing a little about our love story. You can view Part 1: A Trip and A Fall, Part 2: Awkward Silence, Part 3: The Shift, and Part 4: A Crepe and A Kiss respectively.

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